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There is a place in the heart of Sicily, across the “Monti Sicani” territories and the river “Platani” valley where the fertile lands of Cammarata countryside give vigor and strength to natural pastures. It is right here, in this corner among the innermost hills of Agrigento’s regional province, that we have been breeding for several generations one of the most ancient and repre- sentative Sicilian cattle breed with continuous passion and dedication - the Modicana cow - in order to pre- serve that much-sought biodiversity and respectful agriculture towards the environment which nowadays has disappeared completely.


Our cows are bred in a semi-wild state amongst our pastures, a practice that confers particular quality and taste to our milk. Then, after a long processing carried out with methods, timings and equipment of the past, milk turns into one of the most repre- sentative cheeses in Sicily: the Caciocavallo.

It is a stretched-curd cheese, or a pasta filata (spun paste), which results from the natural acidification process activated on curd by microorganisms, which gives unique organoleptic quali- ties to the product.

Today, the cow’s milk transformation occurs in our dairy factory, in accordance with local regulations, by fol- lowing ancient and noble traditions that used to be repeated daily in the ancient “Màrcato” (the enclosed area in which all cow-related activities were carried out, from milking to cheese making) where wise hands still repeat the exact same gestures to obtain a product with unique color, taste, flavor and health properties.

Così, i nostri prodotti accomunati dalle natu- rali caratteristiche del territorio come l’acqua, la terra ed il sole, dalle peculiarità del latte della Modicana e dalla lavorazione secondo la tradizione di un tempo, si diversificano poi nel nostro Caciocavallo fresco, semi-stagio- nato, nell’Affumicato e nella Guastedda del Nonno.